Over 103 million Americans have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. This means that about half of the adults living in America have high blood pressure. Many people go about their lives, not realizing that they have it. High blood pressure doesn’t really have any symptoms until it becomes a life-threatening situation. Thus, it is important to regularly have your blood pressure checked by your doctor, so that it doesn’t go unnoticed. Doctors prescribe medications to keep your blood pressure in check, but in doing so cause a variety of side effects. Many people look for natural solutions because of the side effects. Chiropractic care may a way to lower high blood pressure naturally without medications. 


Chiropractic Care May Lower High Blood Pressure

A placebo-controlled study showed that a particular chiropractic adjustment could be as effective as two blood pressure medications given in combination. The study was performed over the course of 8 weeks with a group of 50 individuals with early-stage high blood pressure. 25 patients had an actual chiropractic adjustment while the other 25 had a sham adjustment. The patients who received the chiropractic adjustment had a significant decrease in their blood pressure. 

The adjustment focused on the atlas vertebra which is the top of the spine. When the atlas is misaligned, it can affect the blood flow at the base of the skull and can cause arteries to contract. This could potentially be the cause of high blood pressure in some people.  

In another study, researchers found that chiropractic care was able to lower patients’ blood pressure during a state of anxiety following a chiropractic adjustment. Patients either got an adjustment, a sham adjustment, or no adjustment at all. Patients who received a sham adjustment or no adjustment experienced no change in their blood pressure. However, researchers observed that those who received a real adjustment had their blood pressure lowered significantly. 



These studies are very promising for people looking for a natural alternative to lower their blood pressure. While these studies are a good sign, more research is needed before anything is certain. Before starting any treatment, be sure to talk with your doctor if chiropractic care would be a good fit for you. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Smith today!