Pregnancy is a marvelous time in a woman’s life. A pregnant woman grows a precious tiny human inside of her. However, it can also be extremely uncomfortable, and quite frankly, painful. A woman’s body goes through many changes as her body prepares for childbirth. Some people may be surprised to learn that chiropractic care is safe and effective for pregnant women. There are many benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy including relief from joint and back pain, reduced time in labor and delivery, and decreases the chance of cesarean delivery. Let’s talk about that!


#1 Relief from Joint and Back Pain.

It’s no secret that pregnant women suffer from back pain. This is caused by the increased stress placed on the lumbar spine which is the part of the spine that is just above the pelvis. Changes to her center of gravity and also the changes in her gate, or the way she walks, will cause added stress to her spine. All this stress can cause not only her spine to pop out of alignment but also muscle spasms. Chiropractors are specifically trained to treat pregnant women and their spines. Getting a chiropractic adjustment often during pregnancy can help alleviate the pain caused by the changes in her body. A chiropractor may also recommend exercises to strengthen the mother’s core to prevent her spine from coming out of alignment. 


#2 Reduced Time in Labor and Delivery.

First-time mothers who receive chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy have 25 percent shorter labors than first-time moms who don’t visit a chiropractor. Mothers who have had more than one child who receives chiropractic care decrease their labor time by 31 percent. Back pain, pregnancy, and “back labor” are all connected. The best way to keep a pregnant woman’s spine and pelvis in alignment are by receiving regular adjustments. It will also make it that much easier for the baby to exit the birth canal. If a woman suffers from back pain while she is pregnant, she is three times more likely to have “back labor” when she is ready to deliver her baby. Women who receive regular chiropractic adjustments while pregnant can greatly reduce their chance of “back labor”. 


#3 Decreases the Chance of Cesarean Delivery. 

As much as 4.6 percent of the babies born in the world are breech. Many of these births require a cesarean delivery or a c-section. The Webster Technique is a particular chiropractic adjustment that has been known to flip babies in the correct position 92 percent of the time. This technique brings balance to the mother’s pelvis and corresponding muscles and relieves tension on her uterus; thus giving her baby enough room in the womb to assume the correct position. 


These are three important benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy. Women who visit their chiropractor on a regular basis while pregnant can experience happy healthy pregnancies and shorter labors. Since a pregnant woman’s body is going through so many changes, it is easy for her body to become out of alignment. Receiving chiropractic care can keep her body in balance and prevent unnecessary pain throughout her pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Before seeing a chiropractor, check with your health care professional to make sure chiropractic care is right for you!